Find out what website visitors read without watching session recordings

Subtext tells you which content blocks people read and what makes them convert.

What your visitors do:

What Subtext reports:

Session recordings are interesting.
But who has time to watch them?

Session recordings are great if someone watches them all and writes reports. But that takes at least a few hours every week.

Or you just watch some session replays and ignore the majority. But then what's the point of recording them in the first place?

Turn user behavior into hard data

Subtext compiles reports that show which sections on your page are read, just skimmed and what confuses people.

Drill down into individual user journeys and find out which information your users actually get from your page.

Use Subtext's statistical analysis to make data-driven CRO decisions.

One-click installation

We have plugins for WordPress, Shopify and Wix. Start using Subtext without writing a single line of code or asking IT for help.

More plugins coming soon!

GDPR and CCPA ready

We don’t save personally identifiable information (PII) by default. You decide whether we set a cookie or not. Learn more about how we handle data.

Find out which content makes your website visitors convert